NL Products: Your Source for Commercial or Residential Waterproof Outdoor Shade Sails in Sydney

Whether you need a shade sail to provide rain and UV protection over your home’s backyard patio or to provide shade for an outdoor eating area at a restaurant, NL Products can help. We sell a range of outdoor shade sails in Sydney, ideal for both leisure and commercial applications. Regardless of what you need a shade sail for, you can count on us to provide you with a high-quality product that gives you a lot of value for your money. Our shade sails don’t rip, tear, fray or otherwise wear easily, meaning that you will (hopefully) be using the shade sails you buy from us for years to come!Continue reading

Do You Need a Lightweight PVC Tarp in Sydney? What About a Durable Poly Tarp for Your Project?

Are you unsure of what you need for a project? Is it big, awkward, or are you new to using tarps? We have everything for every type of project. NL Products has been one of the most trusted providers of PVC tarps in Sydney for decades. We’ve seen it all in that time, from projects big to small, our experts know how to help you choose the right dimensions, material, and brand for your project.Continue reading

Looking for Wholesale, Heavy Duty and Waterproof Canvas Tarps? Count on NL Products for a Commitment to Excellence

At NL Products, we have been around for more than three and a half decades. We first opened our doors in 1979, pledging to build our business on a foundation of quality, service and honest advice. Fast-forward more than 36 years, and our commitment to excellence is still the same. We still want to provide the highest quality products on the market, we still want to form friendly relationships with our customers, and we still want to give our customers excellent advice that helps them choose the right product.Continue reading

Want to Find Heavy Duty Tarps in Sydney? Look No Further, We’re the Local Guys!

We are NL Products, and we’ve been supplying heavy duty tarps to Sydney for over thirty years. We’re trusted by the community to sell only premium, long lasting tarps for tough jobs. We are proud to say that much of our business comes from repeat business and referrals. At NL Products, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the product best suited to their individual job. Here, we get things done.Continue reading