Suppliers & Materials

N.L Products partners with a number of leading suppliers, who are committed to bringing the best quality materials to market, ensuring we are able to not only meet the needs of our customers but far excel in the quality of the end product we are able to supply.

Glae Pacific LogoGale Pacific Limited (Gale) is a trusted leading global marketer and manufacturer of branded screening and shading products. They are recognised as a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of advanced polymer fabrics.

Gale Pacific supply a number of high quality materials used in the products you buy including the following:

Canvacon – The Canvacon range is arguably the best poly material in the world with superior scratch resistance, UV Protection, water holding and wind flap resistance.

Landmark – The perfect product for large grain covers with superior light protection, UV protection and advanced wind flap resistance.  Landmark is used extensively in the rural industry.

Commercial 95 – One of the benchmark shade sail materials used extensively across the industry.

Sancote 610 – A lighter weight PVC and good for all round work.


NolanNolan.UDA is a diverse national supplier of commercial & industrial textiles. Over many years, Nolan.UDA has established a solid and reputable network of trading partners from around the world. These suppliers provide the comprehensive portfolio of products currently available. Each product has been put through rigorous testing to ensure performance, longevity and customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on operating in adherence to their core business principles: integrity, innovation and value for money.


Ricky-Richards Ricky Richards has been supplying the Australian industry with the highest quality industrial textiles for 30 years. Their Sio-Line range is recognised as being the best product currently on the market for heavy duty tarps & covers as well as numerous other applications.

All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards. Couple that with the best quality materials and suppliers on the market, and our superior production methods that are second to none, and you get a quality product at affordable pricing.