Applications for Shade Cloth Sails—and Where to Find Commercial-Quality Shade Cloth Suppliers in Sydney

Shade cloths (or shade cloth sails, as they are sometimes referred to) are perfect for blocking UV light and providing shade—whether for people, plants or objects. Essentially, shade cloths are screens that block the harshest rays of the sun and prevent sunburn or excessive drying. They can serve a broad range of applications, and are fairly commonly seen in backyards throughout Australia during the hottest months of the year.

At NL Products, we are shade cloth supplier in Sydney, offering shade cloth both as rolls of raw shade cloth material and as complete shade cloth sails. The ‘finished’ shade cloths include a durable finish around the edges, with grommets to make for easy hanging and installation. The rolls of unfinished shade cloth you can easily manipulate into your own shade protection system. Both types of shade cloths that NL Products sells in Sydney are sourced from commercial-quality materials, to ensure the highest level of quality and durability.

A Note about Shade Cloth Percentages

If you choose to shop for shade cloth sails from Sydney’s NL Products, you will notice that each roll of finished product is accompanied by a percentage. For instance, one product might be labelled as a 30% shade cloth, while another might be a 65% shade cloth. The percentages, in each case, refer to the amount of sun and UV rays that the shade will block. Lower-percentage shade cloths will let through more sunlight—and, as such, more heat. Higher percentage shade cloths, meanwhile, will arrest the majority of the sunlight and provide more UV protection and relief.

Which shade cloth you choose will depend in part on the climate in your area. In hotter areas where the sun is harsher, you will likely prefer a higher percentage shade cloth for better protection than in cooler regions. In milder provinces, the higher percentages might not be necessary. At NL Products, we can answer any questions you might have about our commercial-grade shade cloths in Sydney, providing assistance and advice to help you choose the right product option for you.

Applications for Shade Cloths in Sydney

The application for which you plan to use your shade cloth sail in Sydney will also impact what percentage of protection you need. Consider the following applications, all common uses for shade cloths:

  • Keeping leaves out of swimming pools, fountains or ponds.
  • Providing cooling shade for a backyard or patio area.
  • Protecting flowers, fruits, vegetables, grass and other plants from being scorched and dried out by the sun.
  • Making sure that kids’ outdoor play areas are kept cool.
  • Shading greenhouses.

Obviously, how much UV protection is required for each of these applications will depend in part on the heat. However, you would also need a higher percentage shade cloth for protecting plants and crops than you would for keeping leaves out of your swimming pool.

If you are curious about how much peak summer sunlight you should be letting reach your plants, don’t hesitate to ask. At NL Products, we are happy to offer you shade cloth advice, tailored based on the specific flowers, fruits or veggies you are growing. Call us today on (02) 9534 3311 for more information or advice about our commercial-grade shade cloths in Sydney.