NL Products: Your Source for Commercial or Residential Waterproof Outdoor Shade Sails in Sydney

Whether you need a shade sail to provide rain and UV protection over your home’s backyard patio or to provide shade for an outdoor eating area at a restaurant, NL Products can help. We sell a range of outdoor shade sails in Sydney, ideal for both leisure and commercial applications. Regardless of what you need a shade sail for, you can count on us to provide you with a high-quality product that gives you a lot of value for your money. Our shade sails don’t rip, tear, fray or otherwise wear easily, meaning that you will (hopefully) be using the shade sails you buy from us for years to come!

The Growing Popularity of Shade Sails

In both residential and commercial settings, shade sails are becoming an increasingly popular option for providing outdoor protection from the elements. Full marquees and other overhangs can block too much light and sun umbrellas can be finicky and difficult to manage. When you come to NL Products to shop for waterproof shade sails in Sydney, you are pursuing an alternative option that provides a nice balance between letting light in and still providing shade and protection from the rain.

Commercial clients might use shade sails to provide shade for entryways, outdoor eating or drinking spaces, outdoor mall areas, amphitheatres or other outdoor performance venues, pool areas, playgrounds, sporting facilities, marinas, parking or drop-off areas and much more. Residential customers, meanwhile, will usually use shade sails for patio spaces, outdoor bars or kitchens and other outdoor gathering or entertaining spots.

In both commercial and residential situations, shade sails can serve a double purpose of sorts. In addition to providing shade and protection from the elements, shade sails can often add a lot to the aesthetics or design of outdoor space. Available in different colours and often designed in unique and interesting geometric shapes, shade sails have a striking and often almost abstract look to them that perfectly complements modern architecture. In other words, shade sails are not only highly functional, but they are also very stylish.

Choose NL Products as Your Shade Sail Provider in Sydney

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial shade sails in Sydney, NL Products can help you to find the perfect product to complement your space and your own personal design sensibility. We offer both basic product options and custom designs, to ensure that you get exactly the type of shade sail you are picturing in your mind’s eye.

To get started with ordering your shade sails in Sydney, browse NL Products on our web page. Here, you can learn a little more about us and see a few photographs of some of the work we have done in the past. If you wish to get in touch, either fill out the contact form on our website, dial our office on (02) 9534 3311 or send us an email at We look forward to working with you!