Do You Need a Lightweight PVC Tarp in Sydney? What About a Durable Poly Tarp for Your Project?

Are you unsure of what you need for a project? Is it big, awkward, or are you new to using tarps? We have everything for every type of project. NL Products has been one of the most trusted providers of PVC tarps in Sydney for decades. We’ve seen it all in that time, from projects big to small, our experts know how to help you choose the right dimensions, material, and brand for your project.

If we don’t offer any premade tarp products right for your job, we are more than happy to work with you on a custom made tarp. We provide a variety of the best materials for all types of jobs, from versatile PVC to heavy duty poly tarpaulins, we have something for every job.

About NL Products and Our Suppliers

We are a family owned business that has been providing PVC tarps and more to Sydney for over thirty years. At NL Products, we respect our customers. We know that our consumers are experts in their industry, whether it be rural/farming, construction, or another industry, we know that you’re the best judge of what it is you need. That is why we listen to the needs of each customer and work with them rather than trying to talk people into something flimsy, cheap or useless. We aren’t here to sell you stuff. We’re here to support you in finding the best product for your project.

We hold high standards for our industrial textiles and only provide products from the best suppliers on the market. You will never catch us selling an inferior quality product. Between our excellent customer service and long lasting products, it’s no wonder most of our business comes from repeat business and referrals. We are the trusted providers of PVC and poly tarps in Sydney.

Supplying Our Durable PVC and Poly Tarps to Sydney

At NL Products, we’re dedicated to providing only the best service and highest quality products to our customers. For those in search of a PVC tarp in Sydney, we offer durable, lightweight tarps meant for all types of work. Sancote 610 is a well-known brand of PVC tarp in Sydney from our Gale Pacific suppliers, the world’s leaders in industrial textile research and development. These adaptable tarps are meant to aid in all types of applications and are light in weight to ensure ease of use and transport.

Alternately, for those looking for heavy duty tarps for tough jobs, we supply heavy duty Canvacon poly tarps to Sydney through our supplier Gale Pacific, as well as long lasting Sio-Line poly tarps from our Australian supplier, Ricky Richards. Canvacon is known for having excellent UV sunlight protection and for being super scratch resistant. Sio-Line is renowned for being a high quality, affordable option for all poly tarps in Sydney and beyond. We also carry some select tarps from smaller suppliers. All of our poly tarps are guaranteed to hold up in the wind, sunlight, and water without leaks or tears.

Whether you’re in need of a tough job, heavy-duty poly tarp, an all-purpose PVC tarp, or anything in-between, “We Have It Covered.”