Shade Cloth Fence Covers – Installation

Installing Shade Cloth Covers

Shade cloth stretches/shrinks and changes shape due to a variety of reasons (for example if you pull it lengthwise it shrinks width wise and visa versa). In addition it is ideal to stretch it when installing so you have a tight fitting when finished.

The stretching/shrinking can cause problems when installing to an exact dimensions (especially when over a long distance). Basically you need to really be applying tension in all 4 directions at once. The method described below is how we found the easiest way to install them when securing off to eyelets.

Guide for best installation:

This is based on the longest edge being the critical length. (also usually works out easier this way)

  1. Temporarily secure 1st Edge
  2. Temporarily secure the opposite edge (you may need a little tension).
  3. Secure and lock off the top
  4. Secure and lock off the bottom (this is usually where the most tension is needed).
  5. Lock off the first edge (the connection points may have moved slightly as the tension is applied in the other direction)
  6. Lock off the last edge


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