Looking for Wholesale, Heavy Duty and Waterproof Canvas Tarps? Count on NL Products for a Commitment to Excellence

At NL Products, we have been around for more than three and a half decades. We first opened our doors in 1979, pledging to build our business on a foundation of quality, service and honest advice. Fast-forward more than 36 years, and our commitment to excellence is still the same. We still want to provide the highest quality products on the market, we still want to form friendly relationships with our customers, and we still want to give our customers excellent advice that helps them choose the right product.

The Search for the Perfect Canvas Tarps

If you are looking for heavy-duty canvas tarps in the Sydney area, but want to find the best wholesale price, come to NL Products. We manufacture a broad range of canvas products, and canvas tarps are a big part of our product base. From farming to construction to trucking and transport, all the way to sports and leisure, our canvas tarps can serve a versatile range of functions and applications.

Whether you need a waterproof canvas tarp as a rollover to cover and protect your farming equipment or for personal camping purposes, NL Products can help you find the perfect product. We also provide builders’ tarps and floor sheets, trailer covers and more. Best of all, our tarps are available for both purchase and hire. Our tarp hire rates are among the most affordable of any company in the Sydney area, but you still get an extremely high-quality product. Even when we aren’t selling you a tarp, we’d still prefer to offer you wholesale canvas tarp prices!

Customise Your Waterproof Canvas Tarps in Sydney

Virtually every application in which a canvas tarp is necessary is unique. Differently sized trailers or other types of equipment demand differently sized canvas tarps. Similarly, builders’ tarps need to be bigger and tougher than camping tarps, and so on and so forth.

With these differences in mind, NL Products seeks to connect every customer with precisely the product they need. Rather than just selling tarps in ballpark sizes, we have tarps custom manufactured to fit your specific requirements regarding size, use and durability. Tarps are available in both heavy and light duty, and can come in a range of different sizes. Just give us a call or send us an email enquiring about our wholesale canvas tarps, and one of our sales associates will help you to design a custom order that will fulfil your tarp needs completely. We are also able to handle bulk orders.

Built in 1979 as a family owned and operated company, NL Products has grown over the years, but we haven’t changed fundamentally. We are still a family business and are still dedicated to providing family-like service to our customers in Sydney. Whether you are shopping for heavy-duty canvas tarps, shade sails or some other type of product, we are always here to help. Call us on (02) 9534 3311 or send us an email at info@nlproducts.com.au to enquire about placing an order.