Boat Cover

Under Development!

Firstly this Boat Cover page is a classic example of us being too busy making the goods and forgetting to take photo's of the finished product.  The fact is we have built many of these over the years with varying designs but failed to take the photos.  What you see below is the start of our journey to record what we have made and explain the knowledge we have gained over the years.

Boat Covers

Regradless of if it is a fully shaped cover, semi shaped or flat tarp we have a solution for you.

Standard Boat Tarp or Boat Cover

The standard boat cover or boat tarp are obviously the easiest to make and can vary in difficulty from just a rectangle that hangs over the tarp to a semi shaped version that covers what is needed but doesn't leave large haning bits.  The most common version we do is the "Coffin Shaped Cover".  Effectively it comes in at each end where the boat is flat and narrow but expands outwards where it goes over the wind screen (usually at the widest part of the boat).

The question is why go with one of ours instead of the cheap pre made one?  The answer is simply quality.  Our materials are more expensive but that is because they are builders quality and last a significantly longer.  Eg the photo of the partial shaped one on the Bayliner 185 is 5 years old at the time of the photo and in perfect condition.  This one started life as a flat tarp and has been altered over the years as we learn't new techniques.  Yes it is ready for the next upgrade (last modifications were 4 years ago).

Measurements required

  • From the tip to the back + how much overhang you want
  • Across the bow where it starts to angle in (not at the very tip).  Make sure you include the overhang.
  • Across the stern including the overhang
  • Across the windscreen once again including the overhang

This is best for tinnies and boats without cabins.

These are also know as Boat Tarps, Boat Covers, Boat Covers Sydney and Boat Covers Wollongong

Warning!  If the top of the boat is flat you will need to either angle the boat so the water runs off or put a pole/ball in the middle to crate a high spot.  If the water can't run off you are just creating a pool.

Partially Fitted Covers

These are the compromise between a fully shaped cover and the flat cover.  The cover is designed to fit around the boat with minimal excess but not to the tight fit required for the full fited cover.  

As these are shaped around the boat and require numerous measurements we will only supply in the Sydney and Wollongong regions