Quality builders hire tarps

Both light and heavy weight in various sizes

Why Us:
  • Quality materials chosen for weight and performance
  • All tarps fully inspected and repaired using our Light Table technology to ensure quality before being put back into service
  • Includes 8mm x 6m ropes at each eyelet for securing
  • Competitive prices
  • All tarps shipped in bags for easy movement and shipping

Hire tarps types and sizes

6 x 7 lightweight hire Tarps



/ day

  • 6m x 7m
  • 17 kg
  • Min hire 1 week $70
  • GST not incl

7 x 12 LightWeight hire tarps



/ day

  • 7m x 12m
  • 35 kg
  • Min hire 1 week $126
  • GST not incl

7 x 12  HeavyWeight hire tarps



/ day

  • 7mx 12m
  • 47 kg
  • Min hire 1 week $126
  • GST not incl

9 x 12 HeavyWeight hire tarps



/ day

  • 9mx 12m
  • 60 kg
  • Min hire 1 week $133
  • GST not incl
Areas serviced include Syndney basin, Wollongong and the Illawarra region, Central Coast, Newcastle
Delivery and Pickup $27 + GST each way for Sydney basin, Wollongong and the Illawarra region.  
We will quote for delivery outside these area's

Conditions of Hire

  • The daily hire fee is inclusive of the day taken and the day returned
  • For new and non-account customers, credit card and licence details need to be provided as security
  • The tarp is to be returned in good condition.  Normal wear and tear is expected but significant damage due to poor maintenance of the tarp will need to be paid for (eg when the tarp is nailed down).

Pickup and Return

Tarps can be collected from and returned to our office.

If preferred, arrangements can be made for delivery and/or collection (kerb side or just inside gate) for a small fee – ask us for a price.

When leaving tarps out for collection they must be:

  • Folded and placed in the bag provided so one person can move and collect with a trolley
  • Readily placed at kerb side or just inside gate so easily located
  • Additional fees may be incurred if not ready, not packaged or not easily accessible.

Hire Tarp - Repairs

The biggest concern with hire tarps has always been with the repairs. To say it is difficult to locate small holes in a large tarp is an understatement but at the same time it is important that we don’t miss any.

For this reason we have spent a lot of time investigating and building light tables so that when the tarp is laid over it, any holes are highlighted by the light shining through. We have seen significant improvements in our repairs since using this method.

When using the light table, even the smallest of holes are easy to locate, we then hot-air weld patches over the holes to ensure no leaks.

Hire Tarps - Why ours:

At NL Products we understand that in the building trade you need a low cost solution that will allow you to easily install a tarp yet have peace of mind that it will survive what nature throws at it.

At NL Products  we have been working with the building and construction industry for over 40 years in order to find the best products and solutions for you.  When it comes to our hire tarps we ensure that  they are made from one of the strongest but lightest PVC’s available today. 

We  provide a strong, durable solution that will outperform heavier weighted materials.

Hire Tarps - Materials:

There are a variety of materials that a tarp can be made from with each having their own strengths and weaknesses. We choose our materials specifically to make them as easy to install as possible while giving you peace of mind with a quality material. Whilst there are many material options available, we don’t compromise on quality by making our tarps out of cheaper materials that we know from experience are prone to failure. Our customer’s satisfaction is our utmost priority.  Our hire tarps are available in two options:

Fabweave - Heavy Weight  PVC

  • Weatherproof - UV Rated and Waterproof 

  • While this is our heavy weight material it is still lighter than many competing products at 540gsm but still outperforms heavier 610-710gsm PVC’s

  • Durable, able to withstand heavy handling

  • The texture of this material allows it to slide better than other PVC’s making it easier to install and position into place on the roof.

Lightflex - Light Weight PVC

  • Waterproof

  • This is a much lighter ripstop PVC that makes it easier to install

  • More care and attention is needed with this material when sharp edges are present

Builders Hire Tarp